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Best Trekking Packages in India

Trekking in India

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas is like stepping into a whole new world of adventure and beauty. Imagine yourself walking through rugged trails, green valleys, and dense forests. It’s not just a physical challenge; it’s a chance to explore different cultures too.

India’s Himalayan region has tons of trekking routes for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. In places like Himachal Pradesh, the landscapes keep changing, surprising you at every turn. Uttarakhand has sacred sites and old stories to discover. Sikkim offers ancient villages and stunning views of Khangchendzonga, the third tallest peak in the world. And Ladakh? Well, it’s all about vast valleys, meadows, and high passes that’ll leave you breathless.

Each trek is unique, and it’s even different depending on when you go. In the summer, everything’s green and blooming. Monsoon treks might be tough, but they’re unforgettable. And winter treks? They’re all about snowy landscapes and peaceful views.

So, if you’re up for an adventure that’ll stay with you forever, the Indian Himalayas are waiting for you, promising an experience like no other.

Best Summer Trekking Packages

Whether you’re seeking adventure, natural beauty, or cultural experiences, these treks in the Indian Himalayas promise an unforgettable journey.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir is often called “Paradise on Earth” because it’s incredibly beautiful and has so much to offer. One reason people love it here is for its amazing trekking routes, like the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. Just imagine walking through landscapes that look like they’re from a storybook! You’ll see stunning blue lakes reflecting the snowy mountain peaks and valleys filled with colorful flowers. Everywhere you look, Kashmir feels like a magical place.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trej

Trek Route:

  • Start your incredible journey through the Kashmir Great Lakes with a scenic drive from Srinagar to Sonamarg.
  • Transitioning to adventure, begin walking from Shitkadi to Nichnai, ascending to 11,500 ft.
  • Continuing onward, hike from Nichnai to Vishansar Lake, enjoying the beautiful views along the 13 km trail.
  • Progressing further, trek to Gadsar Lake, reaching an altitude of 13,750 ft. Moving on, explore the path to Satsar Lake, surrounded by nature’s beauty.
  • Transitioning to the next leg, walk to Gangbal Twin Lakes, relishing the peaceful surroundings.
  • Finally, conclude your trek by hiking to Naranaag, then drive back to Srinagar, marking the end of your memorable adventure.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

The Bhrigu Lake trek near Manali in Himachal Pradesh attracts trekkers because of its connection to a saint’s meditation spot and its beautiful grasslands. Unlike other treks where trekkers have to climb for days before seeing meadows, here they find them almost right away. Additionally, these meadows resemble a big, green carpet that stretches far and wide, with wild horses and sheep grazing around them. Moreover, trekkers can see big mountains all around, making it feel like a magical garden in the sky. Depending on when trekkers go, the meadows can be covered in snow or filled with greenery and colorful flowers. Furthermore, even though it’s a short trek, reaching up to 14,000 feet gives trekkers a thrilling climbing experience. Lastly, because it’s easy to get to from Manali, it’s a great choice for beginners or families wanting to explore the wilderness.

  Lake view of Bhrigu lakes trek
Trek Route:
  • Embark on an unforgettable journey with our trekking packages, commencing from Manali to Kulang.
  • Here, we start our trek to Mori Thach, our base camp.
  • After a hearty lunch, explore the scenic beauty and gather around a bonfire for stories and food. Retire to cozy tents for a peaceful night’s rest.
  • The following day, indulge in breakfast with a majestic Himalayan sunrise before ascending to Bhrigu Lake.
  • Marvel at the breathtaking sight amidst towering peaks and enjoy a lakeside picnic.
  • Descend back to Mori Thach for relaxation and mesmerizing Himalayan sunsets.
  • Conclude the journey with a descent to Kulang, followed by a scenic drive back to Manali.
  • Don’t miss exploring Manali’s attractions like the Vashisht Hot Springs before bidding farewell to the enchanting Himalayas.

Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal

Standing tall at an elevation of 14,000 feet, Hampta Pass in Himachal Pradesh offers a captivating journey through the Himalayas. Transitioning from the lush Kullu valley to the stark Lahaul landscape, the stark difference in scenery is awe-inspiring. As adventurers tackle the challenging ledges, excitement mounts. Upon reaching the pass, a breathtaking transformation awaits. On one side lies a scene reminiscent of Himachal’s renowned Valley of Flowers; meanwhile, the other reveals the rugged beauty of Spiti Valley.

Hampta Pass Trek

Trek Route:

  • Embark on an exhilarating adventure with our Hampta Pass trekking package.
  • Starting from Manali, we commence our journey with a shared taxi ride to Jobra.
  • Transitioning to the trekking phase, we embark on a scenic 3 km trek to Chika, where we camp at 10,400 ft.
  • Moving forward, the next day sees us ascending to Balu Ka Ghera, where we are treated to breathtaking views of the Dauladar range.
  • Continuing our trek, we undertake an unforgettable crossing of the Hampta Pass to reach Siagoru campsite.
  • As we traverse the Hamta Valley, we are greeted by panoramic vistas of the Pir Panjal and Spiti ranges.
  • Upon reaching Chatru, a convergence point for treks from Rohtang Pass, Hampta Pass, and Spiti, we may visit Chandra Tal if conditions permit before returning to Chatru campsite for the night.
  • Concluding our trekking adventure, we depart for Manali via the Rohtang Pass.
  • Book our Hampta Pass trekking package for an unforgettable Himalayan experience.
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