Tarsar Marsar Trek

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Experience the Beauty of Kashmir: Tarsar Marsar Trek

Embark on the moderate-level Tarsar Marsar Trek, a mesmerizing journey through Kashmir’s untouched beauty. Starting in the peaceful Aru Valley, just 112 km from Srinagar, this 7-day adventure is perfect for beginners looking to explore the mountains.

Spanning 48km, the trek winds through diverse landscapes, with gentle ascents and descents that unveil Kashmir’s natural wonders. Moreover, the highlight lies in Tarsar and Marsar Lakes—two of Kashmir’s largest alpine lakes—each offering a serene backdrop of snow-capped peaks and lush meadows.

Moreover, Enjoy peaceful nights camping by Tarsar Lake, where you can gaze at its clear waters mirroring the surrounding views. Additionally, climb to Marsar Lake Ridge for breathtaking panoramas of the Lidder River and towering mountains.

Best experienced between July and September, moreover, the trek includes a day for acclimatization in Aru Valley, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure. Furthermore, as you traverse Kashmir’s timeless beauty, every step reveals new wonders, and moments of tranquility amidst nature’s embrace unfold at every turn.

Route Description :

1st Day : Depart from Srinagar and drive to Aru.

2nd Day : Afterwards, trek from Aru to Lidderwat, traversing through picturesque landscapes.

3rd Day : Continue onward to Shekwas campsite, encountering diverse terrain along the way.

4th Day : Proceed to Tarsar Lake campsite, surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas.

5th Day : Trek to Sundersar Lake, soaking in the tranquil surroundings.

6th Day : Explore Marsar Lakes, camp at Homwas, and relish the serene beauty.

7th Day : Descend back to Aru, and return to Srinagar, concluding this 7-day journey through Kashmir’s stunning landscapes and alpine lakes with unforgettable memories and experiences.

Trek Duration – 

7 Days/ 6 Nights

Fixed Departure Dates

July – 07th, 14th, 21st, 28th

August – 04th, 11th, 18th, 25th

September – 01st, 08th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

Cost of Tarsar Marsar Trek

Trek Cost 14500/ Per Person.
Transportation Included in the package
Offloading/ Porter Service 2800/ Per Bag.
Insurance 499 Per Person.

Tarsar Marsar Trek Highlights:

  1. Alpine Lakes: Explore three stunning alpine lakes—Tarsar and Marsar, known for their vastness, and Sundersar, which exudes the tranquility of the moon.
  2. Hassle-Free Travel: Enjoy organized transportation from Srinagar to Aru and back, ensuring you can focus on enjoying the adventure without logistical concerns.
  3. Scenic Campsites: Experience spacious and peaceful campsites beside river streams at Tarsar Lake, Lidderwat, Shekwas, and Homwas. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in the quietude of nature.
  4. Delicious Meals: Indulge in wholesome vegetarian meals throughout the trek, with breakfast, lunch, evening tea, and dinner provided daily to keep you energized.
  5. Lush Meadows: Wander through picturesque, wavy meadows dotted with shepherd huts and river streams, offering serene views throughout the trek.
  6. Expert Guidance: Trek confidently with certified guides who provide local insights and ensure your safety, enriching your experience of Kashmir’s landscapes.

Itinerary of Kashmir trek

1st Day - Depart from Srinagar and drive to Aru.

  • Begin your journey from Srinagar with a scenic 4-hour drive to Aru Valley, located at an altitude of 2,426 meters and situated 112 km from Pahalgam.
  • Along NH1 Highway, marvel at the breathtaking views of the Kashmir Valley and follow the Lidder River before arriving in Aru.
  • Upon reaching our campsite, relax with a welcome drink. Afterward, meet your trek leader for a detailed briefing on the Tarsar Marsar Trek.
  • At 7 PM, savor dinner amidst the tranquil valley surroundings.

2nd Day - Trek from Aru to Lidderwat, traversing through picturesque landscapes.

  • Starting from an altitude of 2,426 meters, today’s trek spans 11 kilometers and takes approximately 6 hours. Initially, there’s a gentle ascent into the jungle for the first 30 minutes.
  • The trail winds through dense jungles teeming with birds; additionally, occasional shepherd houses offer glimpses of distant gorges.
  • Afterward, emerging from the jungle, you enter vast, rolling meadows with several river crossings alongside the lively Lidder River. Take breaks along the riverbank; meanwhile, you can refresh with glacial water from Tarsar Lake.
  • Continuing along the trail, you’ll spot a triangular wooden hut; subsequently, cross a bridge leading to the campsite at Lidderwat. Here, you’ll be greeted with evening snacks and drinks, marking a peaceful conclusion to your day’s trekking adventure.

3rd Day - Continue onward to Shekwas campsite, encountering diverse terrain along the way.

  • Ascending from 2,780 meters to 3,360 meters, today’s trek covers 6 kilometers in about 5 hours.
  • The day begins with an ascent, offering panoramic views of Lidderwat Valley from higher ground. Subsequently, the trail enters a forest, running parallel to the Lidder River.
  • Afterward, the path unfolds into expansive meadows, where you’ll cross the river via a log bridge. In addition, the valley blooms with wildflowers and lush grass.
  • Further along, you’ll encounter Homwas, where the river intersects the meadow, providing a serene spot to relax and soak in the scenery.
  • Nearby, a challenging boulder section demands careful navigation, as the rocks can be large and occasionally wet.
  • Following this section, you’ll arrive at tonight’s campsite near Shekwas, marking the end of today’s trekking journey.

4th Day - Proceed to Tarsar Lake campsite, surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas.

  • Ascending from 3,360 meters to 3,790 meters, today’s trek spans 5 kilometers over 5 hours. After breakfast, you’ll embark towards Tarsar Lake.
  • The trail features a moderate gradient and is characterized by rocky sections and boulders.
  • You’ll navigate through these boulders and along a narrow path beside the river on your right. The boulder section ends at a wooden bridge for a brief river crossing.
  • Continuing on, there’s a gradual ascent to a shepherd’s house, often welcoming trekkers. Shepherds frequently tend their flocks in this area.
  • The trail then winds through alternating small ascents and descents, surrounded by mountainous meadows.
  • The highest point of the day is Tarsar Lake, a breathtaking alpine lake shaped like an almond and renowned as one of Kashmir’s most stunning. The campsite will be prepared here for an overnight stay.

5th Day - Trek to Sundersar Lake, soaking in the tranquil surroundings.

  • Ascending from 3,790 meters to 3,945 meters, today’s trek covers 5 kilometers over 5 hours.
  • The trail begins with a sharp ascent for about an hour to Tarsar Pass. From this vantage point, offering panoramic views of Tarsar Lake, trekkers often pause for photos and a rest.
  • Subsequently, the descent from the ridge is equally steep, requiring careful steps.
  • Once you descend, you’ll encounter a boulder crossing. Beyond this, you’ll enter the serene Silent Valley meadow, connecting Shekiwas to Sundersar.
  • This tranquil expanse is adorned with lush grass, meandering streams, and idyllic ponds.
  • Following the meadow, there are a few more undulations before reaching the Sundersar campsite for the night.

6th Day - Explore Marsar Lakes, camp at Homwas, and relish the serene beauty.

  • Descending from 3,945 meters to 3,505 meters via Marsar Ridge at 4,020 meters, today’s trek spans 9 kilometers over 7 hours. Thereafter, within a half-hour from your campsite, you’ll reach the picturesque Sundersar Lake.
  • Surrounded by small mountains on three sides, this glacial lake offers a serene setting. To visit Marsar Lake, you’ll ascend a ridge from Sundersar.
  • After a brief climb to a flat plateau, Marsar Lake unfolds before you in all its beauty. This tranquil lake, the highest point of the trek at around 4,020 meters, provides stunning views.
  • Capture the moment with photos and videos before retracing your steps back via Sundersar Lake. Thereafter, the return journey leads through meadows and a boulder-strewn trail, descending towards Homwas.

7th Day - Descend back to Aru, and return to Srinagar

  • Descending from 3,505 meters to 2,426 meters over 13 kilometers, this marks the final day of your trek.
  • The trail retraces the path you followed in the first two days via Lidderwat, back to Aru.
  • Consequently, this brings the journey full circle, ending where it began.
  • At last from Aru, a cab will take you back to Srinagar, completing your trekking adventure.

Price Per Person


*plus 5% GST

Other Information

Accommodation: Rest comfortably in cozy alpine and dome camps on a triple sharing basis, providing secure shelter throughout the trek.

Meals: Indulge in nourishing vegetarian meals from dinner on the first night to breakfast on the last morning. Additionally, enjoy breakfast, lunch, evening tea with snacks, and dinner to replenish your energy after each day’s adventure.

Trek Guide: Undoubtedly rely on the expertise of a professional and experienced certified trek guide. They will lead the way, ensuring your safety and providing valuable insights into the trekking route and surroundings.

Transportation: Moreover, benefit from hassle-free transportation from Srinagar to Aru and back, ensuring a smooth and convenient journey for all participants.

Personal Expenses: Any costs not mentioned in the inclusions, such as personal purchases, souvenirs, or unforeseen emergency expenses, are not covered during the trip.

Personal Trekking Gear: Moreover, participants must bring their own trekking gear, including trekking poles, shoes, ponchos, gloves, warm caps, bags, and jackets, to ensure comfort and safety throughout the trek.

Mules or Porters: Furthermore, if needed, mules or porters can be arranged at an extra cost to assist with carrying personal luggage. However, this service is not included in the package and must be arranged separately.

Insurance: Insurance is not included in the package; however, it can be arranged separately for an additional cost.

For Ground Package

  • Booking Amount: Rs.2,500/-
  • 20 Days before date of departure: 50% of Total Cost
  • 10 Days before date of departure: 100% of Total Cost

Important: The booking stands liable to be canceled if 100% payment is not received less than 10 days before the Date of Travel. Furthermore the received amount will be forfeited.

For Flight Tickets

  • 100% Amount of flight tickets at the time of flight booking.
  • Another key point any rescheduling, cancellation, and refunds of flight tickets shall be as per respective airlines rules.
Pay Now

We would love to host you, but in case you are unable to travel as planned and need to cancel your booking, do not worry. Our simple cancellation process makes sure you receive a quick confirmation and fast Credit Voucher.

  • Cancellation made within 30 to 15 Days from the Date of Travel – Credit Voucher worth 50% of Paid Amount
  • Cancellation made within 15 Days from the Date of Travel – No Refund on the Paid Amount


What are the available dates for the Tarsar Marsar Trek?

The available departure dates for the Tarsar Marsar Trek are every Sunday starting from July and ending in September.

What are the Booking and Cancellation policies?

Cancellation made within 30 to 15 Days from the Date of Travel – Credit Voucher worth 50% of Paid Amount

In addition cancellation made within 15 Days from the Date of Travel – No Refund on the Paid Amount

What if some natural calamities happen in between the treks?

International Youth Club takes utmost care to ensure the safety of its members during the trekking expeditions. However, in the case of any unforeseen mishaps, International Youth Club will not be liable for any injuries caused or for loss of life. All disputes arising due to the above are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in New Delhi/Delhi only. All participants would be required to sign an Indemnity Form before the start of the program, without which they would not be allowed to take part in the trekking and expeditions.

To and Fro transportation details?

Transportation from Srinagar to Aru and back is included in the package as per the itinerary.  

Food: What and how will it be provided?

Meals will be provided while on the trek. Our cooks will be serving simple vegetarian nutritious veg hot meals for both breakfast and dinner during the camping. Hot lunch will be provided during the trek. (Rice pulao, potato, dal, local dishes, hot soups, eggs, bread, poha, sweet, tea, milk, high energy bars, dry fruits, juices, etc. is the regular menu)


Oxygen cylinders and first aid will be there during the trek. The rescue and medical team will be available on call in case of any exigencies from the insurance company.

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