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Explore Manali with our exclusive Manali Tour Packages!

Whenever think about planning mnext trip, mind always goes straight to Manali. It’s just irresistible with its snowy mountains, green valleys, and so much to do!

Our Manali tour packages are designed to make sure you don’t miss a thing. From the thrilling Solang Valley to the serene Beas Kund and the fascinating Hadimba Devi Temple, we’ve got it all covered. You won’t want to miss out on any of these amazing destinations!

Best season to visit Manali with our Manali tour packages

Best time to visit Manali depends on your preferences and planned activities.

You can explore Manali hassle-free with our tailored Manali tour packages designed to match your preferences and ensure you make the most of your visit, whether you’re seeking adventure or a romantic escape.

  • Summer Season (March to June):
    • Pleasant weather for outdoor activities like trekking.
    • Ideal for those who enjoy moderate temperatures.
  • Peak Summer Season (March to May):
    • Perfect for honeymooners seeking romantic getaways.
    • Weather is at its finest during this time.
  • Winter Season (November to February):
    • Best time for experiencing snowfall.
    • Particularly popular for honeymoon trips.
    • Town covered in snow, offering opportunities for winter sports like skiing.
  • Monsoon Season (July to mid-September):
    • Not recommended for visiting Manali due to:
    • Volatile and erratic landslides.
    • Poor road conditions, making travel difficult and unsafe.

Activities to do in Manali with our Manali tour packages

Manali tour packages offers variety of adventure sports and activities for tourists. Some of the popular activities include:

  • River Rafting: Feel the rush of the Beas River rapids with our guided Manali tour package for river rafting.
  • Paragliding: Soar high above Manali’s valleys and peaks with our exclusive paragliding experience included in our Manali tour packages.
  • Camping: Immerse yourself in nature with our diverse camping options, including riverside camps, trekking camps, and adventure camps, all part of our comprehensive Manali tour packages.
  • Ziplining: Experience the thrill of ziplining while enjoying panoramic views of Manali’s stunning surroundings, included in our exciting Manali tour packages.

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Learn About This Location...

An ideal destination for honeymooners and adventure junkies alike, the town of Manali is a mix of old and new. You can do as little or as much as you want there. It’s a magical place bordered by a cool pine forest and the raging Beas River, which give it a special energy. And anyone who is looking for thrilling adventure sports will love this place. Fishing, whitewater rafting, paragliding, skiing, mountaineering, and hiking are all on offer in or around Manali.
Once a sleepy village, the modern city, surrounded by its traditional culture and ancient traditions, is now one of India’s most popular destinations. The place is a beautiful combination of peace and tranquility that makes it a park for nature lovers and adventure seekers, who want to get off the tourist trail and experience nature up close.

General FAQs

Is Manali safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, it is quite safe for solo female travelers when it comes to a destination like Manali. However, it’s always recommended to stay cautious and aware of your surroundings while traveling.

Is Rohtang permit free?

No, you need to pay Rs 500 permit charges in order to travel to Rohtang pass. Without a permit, you might not be able to cross army checkpoints, so it’s always recommended to avail of the permit online.

Where can I find snow in Manali?

From November to May, Rohtang pass (51km from Manali) is the common spot to see snow in the summer months. Apart from this, you can see snow at Solang valley, Gulaba, Kothi, even inside the Manali town or at the balcony of your hotel room from December to March.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We do suggest you bring appropriate clothing to fit the season and a day pack to carry extra snacks and water.

Is Manali a family destination?

Yes, absolutely. The destination offers several family-oriented activities like trekking, hiking, camping, and playing snow games during winters.

Is there an airport in Manali?

No, there’s no airport in Manali. But that being said, you can find the nearest airport in Bhuntar, which is around 50kms from Manali.

What is the average winter temperature in Manali?

The average temperature in Manali can go down as low as -7 degrees celsius. That’s why it’s always recommended to carry appropriate clothing with you.

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