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Sofa Ride is one of the most casual water sports you can enjoy in Andaman.The ride is a completely balanced trip of thrill and fun, with just the right number of splashes that makes it a fun venture for families. More importantly, unlike jet skis, sofa ride can be done together with up-to 5 persons so you can share the enjoyment with your loved ones and family.

For those who don't know, Sofa Ride is done on an inflatable floating sofa-type platform with perfect balance and securing belts that helps you retain your position on the ride without slipping out.

The sofa is then tightly secured to a speed boat and pulled on the sea with full speed gradually.

his makes the sofa, float, fly and splash on the sea,giving you an amazing thrill and refreshing feeling.

While soaring around the sea in an inflatable sofa is definitely a thrilling experience, the best part about this activity is that children and adults of all ages can easily enjoy it without any fear.

Combined with an instructor, experienced rider, life jackets and helmets,the sofa ride is a safe activity for everyone.

Elephant Beach is the hub of all water sports in Andaman, hence it is natural that the sofa ride is available here too.

The ride at elephant beach takes you from the shore to open seas in around 400 meters range and lets you ride the wave around the shore with large waves perfect for huge lifts and splashes.

Although the thrill here is better than water sports complex, reaching the elephant beach can be a bit pricy and a teensy bit expensive, because you will have to take a boat to reach there, which can cost around Rs. 700/- per person.

That is the reason why most people choose to do it in Port Blair.

The complete trip starts from the shore/jetty, where you will be given special instructions about the do's and don'ts during your sofa ride. Life jackets and helmets will be provided by the instructor for your safety.

Then you will be asked to board the sofa, and an instructor will help you get in position and fasten the belts, securing you in the sofa.

The leash will be connected to the speed boat and the trip will start. You will be taken around the open sea for several rounds for 30 minute sand then dropped back at the beach/jetty.


The complete activity duration is 10 minutes.

Things you need to know:

No swimming skills needed

Prices are per person

You will always be accompanied with a trained rider

Don’t remove the belts once in the water

Choose your vendor carefully to ensure safety

Age limit is 12 or above and 60 or below

In case of bad weather, the trip is cancelled and refund is provided

For Elephant Beach, additional 700/- is required to reach there via boat


All instructors are experienced and certified to be genuine to ensure your safety, life guards and boats are always present nearby to help in case of an emergency.





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