A membership based social enterprise promoting sustainable tourism to preserve country’s environmental heritage.

Sustainable Responsible Tourism

Sustainable Tourism minimizes impacts on the environment, respects local people and cultures, and offers economic benefits to local businesses and communities.Two other names you'll often hear are ecotourism and responsible tourism, but all forms of tourism can strive to be more sustainable.

Ecotourism is defined as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people.

Responsible Tourism is defined as travel that respects the host country, its history, its environment and its cultural resources.International Youth Club is taking some bold and innovative steps to integrate the best of all of these principles into our portfolio of projects.

Rescue & Disaster Management

Definition of disaster A disaster is any event, natural or man made, which threatens human lives, damages private and public property and infrastructure, and disrupts social and economic life.

Classification of disasters Disasters can be classified by nature, timing, predictability, response time and type of impact.To build a safer and disaster resilient India by a holistic, pro-active, technology driven and sustainable development strategy that involves all stakeholders and fosters a culture of prevention, preparedness and mitigation. Following the vision of National Disaster Management Authority, International Youth Club focuses on training Youth of the country to be geared up for handling the unforeseen situation and quick measures for rescue to be taken in case of disaster.

Tree Plantation & Nature Study

"Study nature, not books"

International Youth Club in association with New Delhi Nature Society and local communities desgined a program to bring individual closer to the Nature.

Listen to Birds, Create Art, Plant a Tree, Meditate, Climb a Tree, Yoga in the Park, Cruelty Free Food, Grounding, Connecting with Nature & Fun in the Sun

NATURE-STUDY,as a process, is seeing the things that one looks at, and the drawing of proper conclusions from what one sees. Its purpose is to educate the individual in terms of his environment, to the end that his life may be fuller and richer. Nature-study is not the study of a science, as of botany and the like. That is, it takes the things at hand and endeavors to understand them, without reference primarily to the systematic order or relationships of objects. It is informal, as are the objects which one sees. It is entirely divorced from mere definitions, or from formal explanations in books. It is therefore supremely natural. It trains the eye and the mind to see and to comprehend the common things of life; and the result is not directly the acquiring of science but the establishing of a living sympathy with everything that is.

Community Building Programs

In many parts of the world, local communities have sought to attract tourists to their rural farms and villages as a way to improve their daily lives. This is called community based tourism. It allows travelers to spend time in local communities, learn local ways of living & cultures thus enabling scope of community building.

Community building is a field of practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a regional area (such as a neighborhood) or with a common interest. It is sometimes encompassed under the field of community development. A community is best defined as a group of people who, regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds, have been able to accept and transcend their differences, enabling them to communicate effectively and openly and to work together toward goals identified as being for their common good.

International Youth Club organizes a Community Building Program that supports the improvement of community infrastructure, and creates more vibrant and inclusive communities by supporting projects that encourage community participation, inclusion and cohesion.

Cultural Exchange Programs

To promote mutual understanding between nations through engaging young people of different countries in international cultural exchange programs. International Youth Club's Cultural exchange programs allow us to connect, enrich, and empower the global community one person at a time. An amazing experience is waiting for you; explore your world and leave a lasting mark that encourages friendship and positive change. Helping to prepare young people from India and abroad for this fast-changing world through the experience of international cultural exchange.

Survival Training

It’s true that every person has the instincts for survival - but it’s also true that when things get tough, your instincts just aren’t enough. You’ll need skills, knowledge and above all – you’ll need experience – to back up your instincts. A survival training course will provide you with the practical experience necessary to handle many kinds of problems that could arise in hostile conditions. The training course will increase your skills and knowledge and make your next adventure safer and more enjoyable. We are coming up with Survival Training Programs best suited for your needs.